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STEP 1:  Choose a Lender.

Buying your first home is an exciting experience, and the temptation is great to call a couple of Realtors® and start looking at homes before you have your Home Loan arranged. 


You wouldn't buy an engagement ring before you have even met the Bride, or buy all new clothes before you have lost weight, likewise don't go home shopping before you have made arrangements for your home loan.

There are many reasons why:  You do not know how much of a home loan you qualify for, most home owners do not appreciate people who are not qualified walking though their home, and Realtors® do not really have the time to drive Buyers all over town looking at homes only to find out that their Buyers have a low FICO score and cannot yet qualify for a home loan. 
 Do things right and start at the begining.

Below are three Local Home Loan Specialists from which you may choose, 
but you can also choose your own Lender. The key is to 
select a Lender and stay with them until Escrow closes.

NMLS #1563660
46 Main Street
Jackson, California 95642 
NMLS #1071
171 Main Street
Jackson, California 95642

NMLS #1742436
1 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85004
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